Statement on Coronavirus


10:30 AM In Person Worship Service

Highland Park Assembly Statement Concerning Coronavirus:

The emergence and spread of COVID-19 as designated by the World Health Organization, has driven the Pastoral staff and leadership of Highland Park Assembly to provide an informed and thoughtful response with practical steps to ensure the safety and well-being of all who attend our public worship spaces. We encourage all to follow these guidelines.

PRAY: The most important thing any of us can do is pray. Pray for those infected and affected. Pray for those valiantly trying to diagnose and treat patients. Pray for the scientists working arduously to find a cure or vaccine. Pray for those who are feeling anxious at this moment. Pray for each other, as school and work is being disrupted, and many are trying to keep their families calm and stable. Pray for our local stores and companies trying to stay open and stocked to provide us all with services and provisions.

JUDGEMENT FREE ZONE: We must be careful not to judge or place blame on any individual or communities. We are the Church and our response ought to be reflective of our values, that we care for everyone. We encourage factual responses that are informed by health professionals. Do not promote hysteria nor judgmentalism.

HAND SANITIZING STATIONS: We have hand sanitizer bottles at the main entryways of our sanctuary and student building. You may bring your own hand sanitizing lotion or wipes and utilize them regularly. PLEASE, DO NOT FLUSH ANY HAND SANITIZING WIPES IN THE TOILETS.

CLEANING SOLUTION: We will try to disinfect and clean our facilities and area surfaces the best we can.

FORGO HAND SHAKING & HUGS AS YOU FEEL COMFORTABLE: Although hand-shaking and hugging is our common practice within our church, let us be respectful to how others may want to greet us, with a wave, a smile or an “elbow bump” as a more appropriate way of offering a warm welcome while also staying healthy.

STAY HOME IF YOU FEEL EVEN SLIGHTLY ILL: We will try to stream our services via Facebook Live. Search for “ECCF Students” to find the livestream. If you feel ill, feel free to stay home and watch on Facebook.

We will continue to monitor this health crisis with the Texas Department of Health and the World Health Organization,

Any changes to our service schedule will come directly from the Pastors through emails, texts, Facebook, Google and phone calls. Thank you for your help in sharing this information with anyone who may not use these media forms.

Should you have any questions or need further assistance, please call Pastor or Pastora Vallejo. You may use the new church phone number, 210-468-0411. We will attempt to post updates on our new website, Also see for General Supt’s advise on coronavirus.